Getting a coop

When I started doing research on chicken coops, I realized pretty quickly that this was not something I was going to build myself. I’m somewhat capable with tools, but constructing something like a chicken coop is beyond my skills and tools. There’s no doubt I could build it, but my concerns were that it would […]

Doing some chicken research

After I decided I wanted to have a backyard chicken coop, I started my research in October by first attending a Chicken Keeping 101 class offered by local chicken keeper Bob Davis (he’s doing more classes in May).

For $5, it was well worth it. In about an hour and a half, he covered a […]


Welcome to I plan to use this blog to chronicle my chickens. Right now, I’m just in the process of getting everything into place as I plan to get 4 bantam chicks later this spring. I’ll be posting updates, including photo galleries and videos. I’ve had many pets over the years, but never chickens, […]