Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-27

  • #FF @heather_perara @Mom2Punkadus @henthusiasts @WendyENThomas @spicycauldron #chickens #
  • From the blog: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-20: I found this book very helpful as I got started wit… #chickens #
  • Couple of broody hens… #chickens #
  • Total of 18 eggs last week, up from 15 last week and 6 the week before. #chickens #
  • Two of my pullets (now 5 weeks old) are sitting in a nest box together, even though it is after dark and there are no eggs under them. #
  • Oops, realized I wrote "5 weeks old", but meant "5 months old". It would be pretty amazing if they were laying at 5 weeks! #
  • @jackie_blkwell Thanks for the advice! I moved them up to the roosting pole. They weren't too cranky about it. in reply to jackie_blkwell #
  • @WendyENThomas I made a quiche last week with ham & mozzarella, and will probably try the same recipe using bacon instead of ham this week. in reply to WendyENThomas #
  • Bacon mozzarella quiche made with 6 bantam eggs! #chickens #
  • Wow, over 300 followers. Thanks everyone! #
  • Kind of disappointed, only 1 egg today, first 1-egg day in over a week. The chickens are spending a lot of time in the nest boxes though. #
  • Another 1-egg day. Only 6 eggs in the past 4 days (2 in the past 2) after getting 11 in a 4-day span last week. Should I be concerned? #
  • .@robynski I looked all over the coop, and did not find any eggs. This week, 2 of the chickens are spending almost all day in the nestboxes. #
  • @robynski Thanks for the tip and the compliment. I'll keep looking for those eggs. in reply to robynski #
  • Vet's view: Backyard chickens are fun, and lay the best eggs #

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