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Twitter “Weekly” Updates for 2010-09-03

  • Two of the #chickens still broody. The past 3 nights I've lifted them out of the nestbox to put them up on the perch. They are quite ornery. #
  • From the blog: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-27: #FF @heather_perara @Mom2Punkadus @henthusiasts @We… #chickens #
  • Once again, 1 egg yesterday. After dark, I've been taking the 2 broody #chickens out of their nestbox and putting them on their perch. #
  • @jackie_blkwell I really can't block the nest boxes – I have 2 other chickens, 1 of which is laying. And not ready to deal with chicks yet. in reply to jackie_blkwell #
  • Chickens laid 9 eggs this week after 18 the week before. I guess with half of them gone broody, that was to be expected. #
  • This letter writer has some good points, but I mostly disagree #chickens #
  • 7th straight day of just 1 egg. My egg reserves are down to 2, the lowest it's been in about 3 weeks. #
  • @Mom2Punkadus I've got 2 broodies, and I'm not sure if both of the other 2 are laying, or just 1. It's hard to tell those 2 apart. in reply to Mom2Punkadus #
  • @mendiola32 As recently as less than 2 weeks ago I got 3 eggs in 5 out of 6 days from my 4 hens. in reply to mendiola32 #
  • @mendiola32 Two of them have gone broody, they are spending the whole day in the nestbox. Apparently the Brahma breed can get rather broody. in reply to mendiola32 #

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