Chicken coop kits from Carolina Coops

Carolina Coops makes great custom coops, but for those on a tighter budget or are more of a DIYer, they also offer chicken coop kits and panelized coops.

Their chicken coop kits includes everything you will need to build you coop, and has no pre-fabrication. They provide all the materials, pre-cut and sized, though […]

The Backyard Coop has a coop!

Last Sunday, Carolina Coops delivered our coop. It’s custom-built, has a 4-foot by 8-foot run and a nice size henhouse. It has a nice size door on one side to be able to get into the run, and then the back of the henhouse has a door that swings open, as well as easy […]

Getting a coop

When I started doing research on chicken coops, I realized pretty quickly that this was not something I was going to build myself. I’m somewhat capable with tools, but constructing something like a chicken coop is beyond my skills and tools. There’s no doubt I could build it, but my concerns were that it would […]